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Welcome to Tactical Investigations. Since 2004 we have been dedicated to providing our clients with thorough, timely and discreet professional private investigation services. Our team of trained professionals is comprised of highly skilled investigators and researchers with over 100 years of combined public sector and law enforcement experience including former F.B.I. Sworn Special Federal Officers assigned to Special Task Forces with the U.S. Department of Justice. Tactical Investigations is proud to offer the industry's most modern investigation techniques and tactics.

Understanding that knowledge is the basis for winning, Tactical Investigations provides a full range of confidential services to individuals, attorneys, financial institutions, corporations, insurance companies and government which include, but are not limited to:

We offer discreet, confidential and comprehensive services to clients throughout Illinois and Missouri. We cover assignments in virtually every major city and many rural communities in both states on a regular basis.


Mission Statement

Tactical Investigations strives for truth and justice by providing thorough, in-depth research and investigative methods. The Tactical Investigations team prides themselves on being ethical, discreet, precise and time-sensitive. Tactical Investigations provides answers to the big questions by answering the small ones.

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